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A fist-sized muscular organ sitting in the middle of the chest cavity, the heart pumps blood through the vast circuit of vessels connecting it to every organ of the body to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients, to remove carbon dioxide and metabolic waste products, and to distribute hormones and messengers throughout the body's tissues. 

In case of suspected heart attack, time is of the essence.  Immediate treatment of a heart attack includes aspirin and blood thinners (thrombolytics) initiated immediated by paramedics or in the emergency department with consideration of rapid referral to a cardiologist for (acute) angioplasty or coronary stenting when possible.  

Tests commonly used to evaluate the heart function include the electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), echocardiograpy and doppler, stress testing (including stress-EKG, stress echocardiography, and nuclear stress testing).  Newer tests including cardiac CT and MRI may be indicated in certain cases.

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